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Annie Mosity. Yes, my name is a cheap pun.

I like making things, complaining, and complaining about making things. I try to blog enough pretty clothes to make up for my constant complaining and fandom nonsense, because I really love pretty clothes.

But I'm also a big ol' queer who cares about politics, so there's that.

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Handmade ombre crochet dress at Crux and Crow

Oh my god. Dying

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commander shepard rattling off monologues from human scifi movies every time she has to make a speech and the humans in the team just snorting under their breath while the aliens are like “wow did she just make this up out of nowhere? this is amazing”

shep: “Today is our independence day” Ash: *dies of laughter* Vega: you can’t be serious. Is she serious? Joker: the brave heart one is the best. Her Mel Gibson is getting really good.
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Los Angeles police officers tampered with voice recording equipment in dozens of patrol cars in an effort to avoid being monitored while on duty

An inspection by Los Angeles Police Department investigators found about half of the estimated 80 cars in one South L.A. patrol division were missing antennas, which help capture what officers say in the field. The antennas in at least 10 more cars in nearby divisions had also been removed.


LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and other top officials learned of the problem last summer but chose not to investigate which officers were responsible.

who is surprised

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According to a study from the University of Washington, the rift between healthy grub and junk food is wider than it’s ever been. Researchers were able to buy 2,000 calories of junk food for $3.52 — that’s an entire day’s caloric intake — where nutritious foods cost them a whopping $36 for the same 2,000 calories.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Food In The USA (via trashysnacks)

So, you know, STFU forever about “it’s cheaper to eat healthy LOL poor people don’t get how money works!”

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Here’s the link for more information about the PS244 fundraising campaign

Here’s the link to the GIVE IT ALL TO ME Library Collection at OutofPrintClothing.com.

Check it out! The good folks dropped me a line about this project last week, and I’m happy to boost for Library Week.

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especially the t-shirt

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Another old custom order from before my time at the shop. These are hand painted pink clawpaws with glow in the dark claws.


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look if you unironically say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ then either you’ve never faced a real financial struggle or you’ve achieved enlightenment, because goddamn does financial security feel an awful lot like happiness when it’s something you’re not used to

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While this may be a big “duh” to a lot of U.S. citizens, a recent study which has been made open for public viewing concludes that the United States’ system of government is closer to that of a (corporate) oligarchy than it is a democracy. That is to say that power is vested within a small group of people, as opposed to the majority.

Historically speaking, oligarchies generally devolve into tyrannical states due to the concentration of power (usually based on class) with a smaller group of people who generally do not agree with the interests or preferences of the majority; these types of frictions lead to oppression by making some people more “equal” than others, as demonstrated in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, essentially giving people certain rights, but allowing those rights more freely to certain groups.

I remember in the 6th grade when we were learning about different types of governments and we got to oligarchy I said to the teacher “Oh so that’s what America is right?” and he looked at me like i was crazy and said “No Elijah, America is a democracy because the citizens also have power” and I said “what power?” and he said “We can vote” and I was kind of quite for a little bit because i thought he was gonna say something else and I was like “Is that it?” and he just went on to the next lesson

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Im just in love with this hair ^.^

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I wouldn’t necessarily mind people not knowing I’m gay, but I don’t like being thought of as straight — in the same way that I don’t mind people not knowing I’m a writer, but it would be awkward if they assumed I was an extreme skateboarder, because that’s so far removed from the reality of my life. But there is no blank slate where orientation is concerned; we are straight until proven otherwise. And if you’ve never seen how dramatically a conversation can be derailed by a casual admission of homosexuality, let me tell you, it gets awkward.

My Life as an Invisible Queer - Cosmopolitan (via feministlibrarian)

This speaks to me so much, and is probably the most important part, but let me tell you, I like this bit more:

What would be great, I think, is if I could hire some kind of old-timey town crier to precede me into any room I enter, shouting “Lesbian coming! Lesbian coming this way!” and possibly ringing some kind of bell. Then everyone would already know before our interaction commenced, and they could be pleasant or horrible as the spirit moved them, but at least we’d be communicating from a place of honesty and I wouldn’t have to worry about whether I’ll inadvertently reveal myself.

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reminder: please do not refer to acts of transmisogyny as simply transphobic.

lol if you’re cafab don’t just “like” this post, fricking reblog it like what do you have to lose

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[Image: Cute drawings of three couples, each with a label indicating what kind of couple they are: a gay cis man and bisexual trans man, a lesbian trans woman and a pansexual cis woman, and two polysexual nonbinary individuals. Underneath each is the caption: “We are a queer couple able to reproduce.”]


can we stop referring to all sex that could possibly result in pregnancy as “heterosexual reproduction” now


(Also, “pregnant person” does not necessarily mean “woman” for the seventy-millionth time)

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In addition, did you know that the original lyrics of Be Prepared had the Boy Scout fucking another Boy Scout? That’s so much better. 

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Are the Koch brothers super-villains yet?

Not only did their lobbying kill this project, it makes it against the law to construct rapid bus transit anywhere in the state. I suppose it’s to keep those pesky poor people from moving about cities without having a car - or having to pay for gas or tires for that car, both things I’m sure the Koch Bros have an interest in.

How long are we going to put up with this type of thing, America?

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ha ha ha just went to eat some more (iiiii haven’t been eating enough actual food since glo moved in whoops) and only got to take one bite before i felt like vomiting

soooo apparently my body just hates me today.