Annie Mosity. Yes, my name is a cheap pun.

I like making things, complaining, and complaining about making things. I try to blog enough pretty clothes to make up for my constant complaining and fandom nonsense, because I really love pretty clothes.

But I'm also a big ol' queer who cares about politics, so there's that.

i had a dream that i found one of the books i’ve been looking for…

…and it turned out to be missing the first twenty or so pages and i can’t even find this damn book in my dreams???

also in this dream jake had a series of mystery novels published under a very bland white dude name that i kept forgetting

this entire dream was about my frustrations in a bookstore

my legs have been killing me the last few days, idk why, so all my crawling around on the floor earlier to cut fabric has basically ended with me having piles and piles of things to sew and no gumption to do the sewing

which is problem because those were going to be my warm-up projects for the fiddly thing i’ve been putting off finishing


okay but fantasy/sci-fi is also escapism so not including all the shitty parts definitely helps it qualify as escapism


but while fantasy worlds where being a pedantic nerd is not an impediment to popularity are pretty common, fantasy worlds where there is no danger of someone saying “can i watch ;)” after a lady expresses interest in another lady are apparently IMPOSSIBLE




i wont rest until ive complained about everything

like this whole “we need to strive for verisimilitude in fantasy/sci-fi worlds” thing

like okay yes, but

why do you need to include the shitty parts of that

look i want my fantasy worlds to feel real but it is so acceptable to leave out the parts of the real world that make me want to lay down and cry on a daily basis

it is okay to leave out the parts that make me tired, because i hear about them every day

i can do without those parts in every single fucking spec fic world


another thing that really bugs me about race-gating and gender-gating romances in video games, in addition to limiting diversity and representation with the false notion of “realism” (hint: it’s neither realistic nor relevant to a fucking fantasy video game to offer only certain sexualities and racial preferences).

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the beautiful drapey sweater knit i picked up at sr harris i thought was enough make a sweater dress out of?

enough to make two


i made ezra a binder

let’s see how this goes

this movie is a mediocre adaptation of the book and a sort of mediocre movie in its own right

but one thing they did quite nicely is the way yvaine shines

Song: Autoclave
Artist: The Mountain Goats


Twist the bones and bend the back
Trim him of his baby fat
Give him fur black as black

Just like This

Which one is your favorite? (I was a big Gaiman fan as a teenager…obviously I’ve become more knowledgeable over time and also stuff he’d said/done has gotten to me, so it’s not the same at all these days).


stardust but also sometimes the graveyard book

i would really love the ocean at the end of the lane if it weren’t so. everything bad about him.

i mean granted, it’s not as bad as like. my childhood love of piers anthony or anne mccaffrey. but. augh.

my esso does not like my favorite neil gaiman book

this is not the huge problem it would once have been bc. it’s not.

but still of all the goddamn books to not like. my favorite one.

you’d make an excellent kratos! for me my belly is only a portion of the things I’d hate for people to see, it’s actually my boobs… which is kind of the point of her costume! lmao. like DON’T LOOK AT MY BOOBS ON THIS TOTALLY BOOBTACULAR COSPLAY

awww, yeah, that’s….kind of a focal point of the design haha


i like the term ‘gender alignments’ because it presents new identities such as: lawful gender, gender evil, and the ever mysterious gender gender.